We asked the team at RPC2U what are some of the Benefits of Pool Robots?

They have provided 4 main reasons to move from the suction cleaners to the Modern Robot approach.

  1. SAVE ON ENERGY AND REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT:Robotic Pool Cleaners consume up to 83% less electricity than traditional pool cleaners. By intelligently navigating the pool providing exceptional coverage through a smart systematic scanning.
  2. SAVE ON WATER AND CHEMICALS:Robotic Pool Cleaners Use up to 30% less water than traditional suction cleaners. Backwashing is reduced significantly due to the cleaner picking up dust and particles reducing the dust and dirt through your filter.
  3. BETTER CLEANING COVERAGE:Intelligent, self-adjusting software ensures Smart pool coverage for any size or shaped pool and the built-in Intelligence ensures the Robots wont get stuck in corners and or on steps.
  4. SMART PHONE CONNECTIVITY:Smartphone navigation control and cleaning times controlled without lifting a finger. Using Smartphone connectivity you can drive your Robot around the pool to effortlessly clean your pool or just simply set up your cleaning program for fully automated pool care.

If you want to see these babies in action – contact the Team at RPC2U for a FREE in home demonstration.