A robotic pool cleaner is a device you can use to clean your pool as required.

The Robotic Pool Cleaner is completely independent of your pool pump and filter. It is powered by an electric motor and can be dropped into your pool to clean the pool efficiently over a shorter period than any suction cleaner on the market.

Robotic pool cleaners have a leaf storage device (either a bag or canister) to collect up the leaves and dust. This has multiple benefits ranging from Saving water through to Saving on power. As there are no hoses or suction plates and the pools natural skimming ability is increased by up to 90%. The Pool will require significantly less Maintenance through scooping the leaves and back washing the pool filter as the Robot collects up both dust and debris before it reaches your filter.

There are many reason as to why Pool Robots are far superior to Suction cleaners, some of these benefits include Smart Navigation technology that allows the Robot to cover all areas of your pool in a very short time frame. Once the cleaning cycle is finished you can remove your pool robotic cleaner and store away, this means there won’t be any hoses or cleaning devices in your pool when you are trying to swim in your pool. Gone are the days of kids getting tangled up in the creepy suction cleaner!

Not all Robots are the same and it’s important that the correct Robot is chosen for your pool surrounds, shape, size and lifestyle. Robotic Pool Cleaners 2 U specialise in matching the Pool Robot to you and your pool.

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