Robotic Pool Cleaners 2 U roll the stylish new showroom on wheels into the market!

RPC2U launched today by a couple of guys who have witnessed pool cleaning technology evolve from manual vacuuming, to automatic suction cleaners and now with the Robotics Technology that is revolutionary.

Bringing over 11 years of experience in the market with their unique pool and garden maintenance business, Mark and Marcus have had a keen interest in the latest of Smart Pool Cleaning technology. They understand the finer details with Pool Robotics and based the business model on “matching the right cleaner to the pool environment and the pool owners lifestyle”.

Marcus explains, “we are alarmed at the amount of people who consider their pool a chore and believe with the use of current technology and our industry knowledge, we can help pool owners learn to love their pool again”.

The guys believe having a pool should be fun, not a pain. RPC2U use a Pool Assessment tool that helps calculate exactly which cleaner the pool owner will get the most benefit from. The beauty of the Mobile Showroom means that they can prove how good the Robots are by running the selected Robot in your pool to demonstrate the new age technology and how Robotic Pool Cleaners can transform your pool experience.

Call RPC2U and revolutionise your Summer!