We have come across hundreds of pools of all shapes, sizes and surface materials here in Brisbane but when it comes to robotic pool cleaners, understanding your pool’s surface and its relationship to robotic pool cleaners is especially important. Some robots have specific sets of rollers to suit different pool interior types. Some pools just should not use robotic pool cleaners and other pools need specialist robots to be able to clean the pool efficiently.

We have an article on Pool Cleaning Robots: Which One Is for You, where we talked about all the things you should consider in order to select the right pool robot for your pool.

We have spoken to 3 customers who use robotic pool cleaners in their Brisbane home to see how they use their robot and what they love about their purchase. Its very clear to see the purchase they made has improved their lifestyle by not having to spend hours on their pool every week to keep it clean. What is our time worth these days?

Reviews of Robotic Pool Cleaners in Brisbane

Let’s explore how our robotic pool cleaner owners are using their pool cleaners. Here are some examples of real customers and details about when they use their pool robot in Brisbane:

Robot: Zodiac VX42 with upgraded canister to 100 micron

I only use my robotic pool cleaner once a week during normal weather events. Usually Friday night or Saturday morning I drop my pool robot in and let it to a full cycle. My pool is spotless after this cycle and will usually last until the following weekend. I had my return eyeballs adjusted and my pool naturally skims the leaves meaning that most of the leaf litter and debris go into my skimmer basket. In august or after a big storm I usually run the robot every day until the pool is back clean again. It’s great as you can use it as much or as little as you like without having to break a sweat.


Middle Park

robotic pool cleaner brisbane: Zodiac VX42

Zodiac VX42 with upgraded canister to 100 micron

Robot: Zodiac Evolux 5000

My pool gets hammered with leaves day in day out and being on the river we have protected gum trees surrounding our pool that we can’t do anything about. That’s why we asked for a robotic pool cleaner that could handle the volume of leaves. I run my robot every 2-3 days depending wind direction. Sometimes I have to run it every day to keep up, but it powers through and I’m always amazed of the volume it can hold in its leaf canister. Having a leafy pool I used to spend hours clearing debris from my suction cleaner, now I know if I switch on my robot and come back in 2hrs my pool will be spotless.



robotic pool cleaner brisbane: Zodiac Evolux 5000

Zodiac Evolux 5000

Robot: M500 Maytronics Dolphin

I love my m500 dolphin. After changing diaphragms every 3 months in my old cleaner I asked rpc2u to come out and look at my options. Given that I don’t get a lot of leaves in my pool but I get a lot of dust from the highway the robot that was suggested was the M500. I only run my robot every 1-2 weeks but it’s so efficient that is all that is required. After the first couple of runs I was disgusted with the amount of road dust I was swimming in. Yuk! It’s only minor the amount that I hose out of the leaf canisters on my robotic pool cleaner these days but what I have noticed is the water looks a lot cleared!



robotic pool cleaner brisbane: Zodiac Evolux 5000

M500 Maytronics Dolphin

How often you will run your robotic pool cleaner is up to you. It all depends on whether your pool needs a clean or not. There is not a set routine, just what ever you see or think it needs.

The key is to drop it in prior to visitors or pool use to ensure your pool is sparkling. Put your robot away after use to prolong the robot’s life.

Our customers in Brisbane enjoy other benefits of robotic pool cleaners on top of a sparkling clean pool all year round.

5 of Benefits of Using a Robotic Pool Cleaner:

1. Reduced Backwashing –

Saving water, money, chemicals. As the dust and debris off the floor go into the robot and get caught by the leaf canister/filter this means your filter is doing 10% of the work it was doing prior to purchasing a robotic pool cleaner.

2. Increased Equipment Lifespan –

Pool filters and pumps love robotic pool cleaners….Why?

Because they pretty much knock off at lunch time everyday. By using a robotic pool cleaner, your pump is just circulating water through a filter without being put under load trying to draw in water through a tiny suction cleaner opening to ensure it will move around the pool.

As mentioned above the filter won’t have much to do either. As the pool pump is pulling water in from the top of the pool not the floor most of the dust goes into the robotic pool cleaner, not being caught by your filter media.

3. Saving Water –

With less backwashing means less topping your pool up. Every backwash uses around 500-1000l of water.

If this is getting done every 3-4 weeks, that is a lot of water per year. Water is our most precious resource. Let’s not waste it.

This will save most homeowners around $200-$300 per year.

4. Less Chemical Use –

If you are not topping up your pool to cover the water lost in backwashing, then you aren’t adding additional chemicals to keep your chemistry in check.

We have calculated this out to saving between $300-$500 a year.

5. Save on Power –

Pool pumps are expensive to run. Most power-saving pumps aren’t being used to their full potential as they are required to keep a fair amount of flow to keep suction cleaners.

With a robotic pool cleaner installed you can wind that puppy right down to an idle and still get the required filtration.

Oh and did I mention that most newer robotic pool cleaners these days only use the same amount of energy as a LCD TV? Pretty efficient hey?

So just to confirm, a robotic pool cleaner will save you time and keep your pool sparkling. We’ve calculated that it saves our Brisbane customers around $500-$800 a year in chemicals and water use and is more environmentally friendly when it comes to energy savings.

When you consider that if you spend $2500 on a robot (high-end), with a three year warranty saving $800 per year, that’s $2400 worth of savings over the warranty period. You’ll almost break even at the end of the warranty period.

Why wouldn’t you make the switch to pool robotics after all these things a pool robot has to offer you?

As we mentioned earlier, not all pools are suited to robots. A lot of pool shops will sell you a robot without even knowing your pool. That can be dangerous and you could end up with a product that doesn’t work effectively. For example, we believe that you should never use a robotic pool cleaner in an above ground or vinyl liner pool.

We have seen robots wear down the liner in certain spots causing leaks and damage. We recommend the Rebel 2 suction cleaner for vinyl liners as its gentle on the vinyl and will not wear your liner causing premature liner failure.

If you have any questions about your pool equipment, structure or a robot we can help. Our 15 years of industry experience will give you honest advice to ensure you are completely aware of all factors before making any decisions.

Talk to us today about which robot will work in your pool to maximize the returns on your investment!