Over the past 15 years, we have found the key to getting longevity out of your pool cleaner by following some simple steps. These include :

  • Individual component care like lead storage and maintenance
  • Power supply box care and how you use your robotic pool cleaner.

Pool robot manufacturers have instructions on how to best use a robotic pool cleaner. These can vary from brand to brand. Popular pool robot manufacturers like Maytronics and Zodiac provide online instruction and assistance on how to operate a specific model.

Pool robots are just like any other machine. The more you use it the more it wears. If you treat it well it will last for many years of trouble-free pool cleaning. We have seen many robots last 10-15 years when used correctly with minor servicing and maintenance carried out.

And in this article we are going to share some tips, that you can apply by yourself, to make your robotic pool cleaner last many years with minimum servicing and maintenance needed.

Keys to Getting Longevity Out of Your Robotic Pool Cleaner

RPC2U pool robot specialists has listed out 6 common and easy fix mistakes to avoid and get longevity out of your robotic pool cleaner.

Let’s dive in…

1) Never Leave Your Robot in the Pool for Extended Periods of Time 

Never leave your robot in the pool extended periods of time. Use your robot to clean the pool, rinse off your pool cleaner with garden hose and store away in an enclosure out of direct sunlight and weather. This will extend the life of our robotic pool cleaner by preserving the waterproofing and plastics on the unit.

You can think of it in the same way as putting your car in the garage. When it is out of the elements there is more chance of preserving the paint, upholstery, etc. if it is out of the sun and other elements.

2) Avoid Getting Your Power Supply Box Wet

All robots come with a power supply box, this is the box that connects the power point to your robotic pool cleaners lead. It controls the cleaning cycles and what cleaning mode the robot will use.

To ensure we get the best life out of your control box, avoid getting your power supply box wet. Keep it under cover out of the sun and rain. This will get the best out of your display and LED’s. Store you powers supply box under cover, in your pool house or covered with a waterproof shelter.

Power supply box failures are quite common as most users are not aware that the box will need to remain out of the weather. It is important to read the user manual or speak to a professional to understand what is required for each component of your cleaner to avoid breakdowns.

3) Empty Your Robotic Pool Cleaner Before It Gets Overloaded

Empty your robot before it gets overloaded with leaves and debris. If the cleaner gets overloaded, this will put extra strain on the motor and cause premature motor failure.

Scoop out large debris from your pool prior to using your robotic pool cleaner. In Brisbane we are exposed to large palm fronds and twigs from gum trees and the like. These can cause damage to the impeller. The impeller fins are important for the robot creating as much suction power as possible allowing the robot to collect leaves and debris effortlessly.

Robots are designed to clean pools free of dust and leaves however misusing your robot to remove algae and large debris will cause the robot to stop or even worse burn out.

4) Clean Your Leaf Canisters/Bag Regularly

Clean your leaf canisters/bag regularly to avoid scum build up. This will cause back pressure on the robots motor and cause avoidable damage. The cleaner will act sluggish and will not climb the walls if the canisters or bags are full or need a clean.

Soaking canisters in Nappy San will help break down oils and finer debris that do not wash out when rinsing your canisters under the tap. This should be done every 6 months to prevent any load on the motor.

5) Unravel Your Robot Cable

If your robot cable becomes twisted, disconnect it from the robots power supply and extend it out in the sun to remove any kinks or damage to the cable. Roll the cable up in a Large loop to avoid the cable from twisting up in the pool.

Maintaining your cable correctly can help avoid expensive robotic pool cleaner repair bills. The cable is made up of fine wires and if not treated well and rolled up loosely can kink causing imperfections in the cable.

One of the most common failures with robots is lead failure. These failures are easily avoidable if the lead is carefully maintained.

Some robots like the Zodiac have a list system which brings the robot to the waterline when you wish to remove the robot from your pool. This means you can avoid pulling the robotic pool cleaner out of the pool by the cable which puts load onto the electrical connectors where the cable meets the robot.

Undoing the lead from the power supply when rolling up the lead can help twisting or strain at the plug. This is another thing to consider when removing the robot from the pool.

6) Check up & Servicing

Have your robot serviced every 12 months by a trained technician to ensure wearing parts are going to cause failures in other moving parts. We can check play in tracks and wheels, Impeller and motor performance, brushes and cables. This will save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs further down the track.

Get the Right Robotic Pool Cleaner for Your Pool

robotic pool cleaner under water

Robotic Pool Cleaners 2 U are robot specialists. We understand how robots work and can help you get the right robot for your pool so that you can enjoy hassle free pool cleaning and longevity out of your Investment. We also repair robots and see first hand the common failures on different models and makes. This allows us to give good, honest advice on each brand and model to ensure you can benefit from our extensive industry knowledge.

Franchised pool shops are usually tied to one brand or type of robot. Even If these robots are not 100% suitable to your pool they will usually still push to get the sale. This is what gives robotic pool cleaners in general a bad name. Its not robot’s fault, its more the pool environment compatibility to the robot cleaner.

Some robots are great with dust but not so great on heavily soiled pools.

Some are designed for super leafy pools but have a larger micron filter allowing dust through.

You really need some honest advice from someone with all round experience and not someone only selling one brand of cleaner – Like Robotic Pool Cleaners 2 U. Robotic Pool Cleaners recommend Zodiac Robotic Pool Cleaners & Maytronics Robots. These 2 Brands and their rebranded models have been identified as the best cleaners the market has to offer with the best warranty and after sales service and parts availability.

Treat your Robotic Pool Cleaner like your car.

  • Get it serviced regularly, keep it in the garage when not in use.
  • Wash your robot down and clean out the filters.
  • Try to avoid overloading your robot with algae infestations or extreme leaf by giving your pool a quick scoop to remove the larger and bulk of the debris after weather events.

If you follow our advice you will avoid costly repair bills and get the best out of your robotic pool cleaner.

For more information on the different cleaners we have to offer and to view the comparison table please visit rpc2u.com.au or book a $99 in home pool audit and pool robotic cleaner demonstration.

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