Our robotic cleaners range from $1050 up to $2800 depending on your individual needs and pool cleaning requirements. At the lower end of the scale you can enjoy the benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaning technology without breaking the bank. The entry level cleaners usually have less cleaning capacity but can still keep smaller pools clean with minimal effort.

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Our mid to high-end cleaners include features like Smart Phone connectivity, Timer Control and Programming with Caddies for easy transportation. They can also range to suit floor, wall and or waterline cleaning options with larger leaf storage capacity.
RPC2U specialise in finding the perfect Robotic Pool Cleaner based on our in-depth pool assessment to ensure your Pool Cleaner is going to make keeping your pool clean a breeze.
Robotic Pool Cleaning technology has come a long way over the past 10 years and the team at RPC2U believe that this has revolutionised the industry. We have personally hand selected the best cleaners on the market that suit all needs.

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